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Every beginning is difficult, we say about anything new.That also counts for our vision, dream, undertaking that needs: strategy planning, study-collection of resources for opening and signaling of hiking paths, for the reopening of the water mills and folklore museums, the recording of the cultural and intangible heritage of the place, like expressions, activities, knowledge and information, such as myths, customs, traditional dialects, dances, events, music, songs, skills and techniques, that are testimonies of the traditional folk and religious culture elements of agricultural-food, like cheese making traditions and much more.If you are a Greek from abroad, or if you feel like a Greek and your knowledge, your free time, your love or the tasteful memories of your childhood lead you to the path of authentic Greek flavors, our organization Ellinika Monopatia- Grecopaths is there for you, to walk and to taste to learn-to remember- to be remembered-the history-the mythology-the ancient knowledge that keeps you smart (EXYPNO: EXO APO TO YPNO-OUT OF SLEEP)-than you are on the right orientation Back to our roots!