Area's Mythology by Efi Grigoriadi

It is a preface based on beautiful mythological elements. A witness of ancient legends, the entire area of Argolida, with the Gods of Olympus having left their mark here too. Everything started here from the Innoco River, having the ocean as its father and its mother being Tethy. Life in this beautiful place begins with Danao. Danaus was the King of Libya who had acquired fifty daughters from different women. These daughters were called Danaids. Because an oracle ordered him to leave his country and settle in Greece, Danaus crossed the sea and arrived in the province of Argolis. There he found a deserted place which the sun scorched, and a unique river, Innachos, which was completely dry. It was dry because in one of the eternal quarrels between the gods he had been chosen by Hera and Poseidon as an arbiter to indicate which of the two would prevail in the area. A difficult choice since Inachus would have to dissatisfy one of the two gods.With a heavy heart Hra was chosen , which made Poseidon furious, he therefore dried up the river bank as well as all the springs in the area. That is what the situation was like when Danaus arrived there and found the area deprived of water. Thus, he sent his 50 daughters to look for a source. One of the Danaides, named Amymonis walked until dusk without finding anything and redeemed as she was , she fell asleep. A satyr saw her and wanted to rape her, Amymonis started to scream, Neptune heard her and unleashed her trident against the Satyr. She escaped and the divine trident struck a rock from which a source sprang. Thanks to this source the water returned to Argolida. From this myth we can draw an allegorical outline of man’s first attempts to develop a land that he considered to fertile and fruitful.

. Water, like fire has all the traits of life. Water as a regenerative force and source of life for man and fire as an archaic technique to acquire culture. Inachos was the founder of the Inachid Royal Dynasty who first established the kingdom in Argos. The mythological tradition of Argolida and of the entire Peloponnese begins from the Inach. As far as Nafplion is concerned, this is the fruit of a brief erotic adventure between Amymonis and Poseidon, who found her washed up by the waves in Evia. There she gave birth to Nafplio who grew up to be a renowned seafarer. At one time, however, by the seaside Nafplio was led to a rocky beach near Tyrinth. There he built the city of Nafplion , which he fortified with cyclopean walls and founded a temple honouring his father Poseidon and also created the amphiction of Kalavria.