Our new restaurant-Only local/organic day dishes



Our new restaurantOnly local/organic day dishes

Opening : Μonday 25th of May 2020- Only with reservations-

Briefing for friends & members of Hellenic Paths Organization

Dear all,
We sincerely hope that after Covid season , you are healthy and we wish for all of us to return back  to our normal life as soon as is possible & much more stronger.We , as environmental intercultural organization , after 3 years of hard work , with the support of the Municipality of Argos-Mycenae,  we are finally ready to start our new project;
The fist house of Hellenic (Greek) food with the base of Kevalovriso village, that belongs to the Municipality of Argos-Mycenae.

Summarizing our goals and mode of it’s operation are, as follows;

* Preparation and service of Greek dishes, Greek coffee/ soft drinks and drinks, from Monday 25th of May 2020 & only with reservation by phone or by email
Without reservation we are not guarantee you, our service because of the limited number of chairs. Finally we are planning to offer fresh salads, from some few organic farms/gardens of the village. It will be real pity to waste them!
Day dishes will be available.
Reservations by phone at : +30
2751071111 or e-mail us : info@grecopaths.org

Μarket regulator-Cooker : Kokkalas Panos
Τsirikou Stavroula

Gradually at this place we are going to organize/offer:

  • Cooking classes and promotional of local Greek products via TV shows and live streaming with famous chefs to highlight those local products and the Greek diet-gastronomy.
  • Concession of this place for individual events like baptisms, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Seminars for restaurant owners like; –food & beverage –concession of this place our kitchen to train their personnel, or to create new menu, in order not occupying their kitchen. Promotion of their restaurant , chef via their famous dish, that represents that business.
  • Organizing cultural events or festivals with collaborations of other clubs from Greece or abroad.
  • Retail sailing of other products
  • Promotion of mountainous villages –Argolis through sustainable tourism and organizing similar to its kind activities.
  • Propulsion of volunteering

Directions how to reach us:


Drive towards the national road direction to Tripoli, when you pass by the first 2 tunnels you turn on the right at the exit saying (NEOXORI-KAPARELI) NΕΟΧΩΡΙ-ΚΑΠΑΡΕΛΙ , & after this turn, again you turn right in an uphill road , following the green sign  (NEOXORI-KAPARELI) NΕΟΧΩΡΙ-ΚΑΠΑΡΕΛΙ .When you leave the national road you will drive uphill in a provincial asphalt road in a very well condition with a few zig zag turns , after about 15min you will reach the Kefalovriso village (with relevant sign). At the main square of the village (which is the first place you see when you enter the village) and with the historical perennial plain tree, you will reach our restaurant ‘’1st house of Hellenic food’


Τhings to do at the village;

*I am going to explore the narrow roads of the beautiful village
* I am going to walk at the river bed of the mythical river Inachos and if I am brave enough (13 degrees Celsius-55.4 Fahrenheit)   I am going swim at the only one small lake J

* Visit at the renovated watermill of the village and explore the rest ruins of other watermills through rich vegetation

*I will relax at the hammocks

* I will visit the folklore museum
*I am going to see the fountain of Inachos river and I am going to refill my bottles with alive fresh water
* I will enjoy the well homemade food under the shade of plain tree, hearing at the same time ,the flowing waters and with -7 degrees (44.6 Fahrenheit) less than the cities temperature!
* I will discover hidden gems and the history of this places.

*I will drive in an alternative beautiful mountainous roots with my car leaving this village and discovering the other nearby villages like Frousouna, Skoteini, Anoixi, Nemea ..
* I will strengthen this business effort with multiple benefits

What should I be aware of ?

* My cell phone will not have signal with a small exception of specific spots

*WIFI – Yes

*Sports shoes, long trouser for those who wants to walk , explore the bed river & small lake, (swimsuit & towel for the most brave) extra jacket
*With my responsibility I am going to walk/swim/explore, unless I would like to book local tour escort which is easy to arrange that for you

*Do not expect the service of a luxury type of tavern and especially to this beginning of our efforts. Maybe there isn’t everything perfect.

We use to say that any beginning is the half of any project.. that we wish to succeed.With only synergies and team spirit we can all manage to recreate..beautiful projects.

Back to our roots-Back to basics-

With appreciation

Τhe Board of Directors


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