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What is the connection between: Producers, Executive Chef and Travel Services Providers?
● The meeting at HORECA Exhibition, 2019.


At a time that the Tourism, Catering and Hotel / Hospitality sectors are experiencing significant growth, HORECA responds to the real needs of the main pillars of the Greek economy, while at the same time it’s also the most important trading forum in our country.The Ellinika Monopatia-Hellenic Paths-our Environmental Intercultural Organization-gave this year as in 2018 a dynamic presentation not present at the HORECA Exhibition (February 8-11, 2019), and presented their actions on 11 February with a Gastronomic presentation at the Gastronomy Forum on: “Gastronomic Destinations – Religious Tourism”.Speakers & Executive Chef of the presentation were summarized as follows:

Efi Grigoriadou: Folklore writer, (owner of Arotymia) – Founding Member of our Organization where she presented her successful recipe of ‘Octopus Stew with Artichokes’, which is also published in her award-winning Book “Recipes of Peloponnese” – Savvala’s Publications.

Christos Mantas: Food Engineer (owner of Renova) – Member of our Organization. He spoke and highlighted the importance of food safety and how a simple handmade jam can be certified with European and Global HACCP & ISO Certifications and how to have successful sales in any market in the world.

Kokkalas Panagiotis: Executive Chef – General Secretary of the Hellenic Paths-Organization and owner of Grecofood. He supervised the cooking presentation with his characteristic spontaneity and he gave the microphone to the producers to speak in person .
Finally he emphasized the importance of synergies, while repeating the slogan “Embrace your producer!”.

Damianakis Giorgos: Executive Chef – Member of the Hellenic Paths-Organization and owner of “Art and Gastronomy Center”. He did impressive food carving on the cheeses of the famous creamery: Georgios Rozi . He also took care of the food styling of the delicious Stewed Octopus, and he made the general presentation really unique.

Hellenic Paths organization support the Producers of pure Greek products that cultivate the land with real care and produce excellent quality products such as virgin olive oil, wine, cheeses, vegetables and fruits that offer our table delicious flavors and a healthy lifestyle.
We invite them to join us with the common goal of promoting their products to the word market, stimulating the local economy and to promoting Agrotourism in our region.

With all these genuine products, the Executive Chefs, simply transform the pure material into high gastronomic aesthetic dishes, taking into account the principals of traditional Greek cuisine.

At the Gastronomy forum we presented the recipe for “Stewed octopus and salad with artichokes”.The octopus was from the fishing village of Nea Kios in the arglolic gulf, with extra virgin and organic oil from local producers, alphabetically as follows:

1) Eleftheriou Nikos – from Dimena, in Argolis

2) Louloussis Dimitrios – from Malandreni village, Argolis

3) Jamalis Giorge – Oleomania – from Candia, Argolis

The raw artichokes / “medicine” salad (from Iria, Argolis) excited the audience very much.

Our partners, also participated in the presentation:

1) Giorge Tsiolis – The owner of the tavern “The Beautiful Tavern”-To omorfo tavernaki- in Nafplio – Gastronomic destination with local products and recipes

2) Kostas Kossivas – Owner of the tavern “Kadis” – in Mylos Argolis and co-owner of “Souvlomagies Tavern” in Nafplio-The best traditional souvlaki-

3) Aris Mihalopoulos – Owner of Luxury Taxi Nafplio – Transport services with high standards

4) Anastasios Mallios – producer of Pasta – owner of Traditional workshop in Nafplio with presentations of traditional trachana as a super food for breakfast combined with honey

5) Organic Thyme Honey, award-winning, by Makis Baikratari – ‘Ermionis’– Kranidi Argolis

5) Alexia and Giorgos Dritsas – WEB-TV


While the live cooking show on the stage was in process at the same time, videos were shown of various activities of our teams. A pleasant surprise was that the producers spoke in person on the stage without expecting that Mr Panos Kokkals would give them the microphone.

One by one sharing with the audience their experience with nature and their cultivation but at the same time the interaction-cooperation with the organization of the Hellenic Paths
They emphasized the importance of the “farm to table” philosophy and the value added by on-the-spot tasting, visiting their fields and selling their products on site.

As a conclusion it is a pity that the wealth of the Greek land in goods and flavours is to be enjoyed by the few. It should become widely known in other cultures as well as to those who have forgotten it, Greeks who live abroad.

Several Tourism operators such as Grecopaths and Grecofood, are established to attract visitors and to initiate them both in Greek flavors and Greek culture, and to give the leading role to the sector of Primary Production, through synergies.

Our main goal is and it will be in future, to highlight the small producers of the primary production sector, in an interactive way, with visits to : traditional animal stands, plots, olive groves and vineyards, monitoring or participating in the agricultural processes, tasting seasonal vegetables and fruits, wine, olive oil and local cuisine on farms or in houses with families.
All the products are coming from the farm, directly to your table!

We unveil our history and our culture with stories of the past and visits to historic archaeological monuments, linking the way of life and diet of the past, with the present. We give life to small picturesque villages, the jewels of our country. We explore hiking trails, customs, traditions and festivals in each area.

To conclude our presentation at the HORECA exhibition, we announced our upcoming important project, a Religious Tourism Exhibition of Monastic Cuisine, that will be held on 10-18 August 2019 in Nafplion, titled “Blessing your meal!” under the auspices of: 1) The Metropolis of Argolis, 2) Mylopotamos-Monk Epiphanios and the Hellenic Paths (www.grecopaths.org)
Our aim is to highlight churches, monuments and monasteries in the Peloponnese and  general in Greece.

The goal the project is to present monastic cuisine as well as the dietary model of fasting, not only in times indicated by our religion, but also as a general diet that we should integrate into our daily routine, for a better quality of life, health and well-being.Please join us to work together in promoting our goals.Finally, we greatly thank all the organizers and, above all, the hosts of this gourmet rebate at HORECCA – Gastronomy Forum:

1) Milto Karouba – President of the Hellenic Chefs Association – Certified member of the

International Food & Beverage Institute (Belgium), judge of Worldchefs.

2)Tassos Protopsaltis – President of the Chefs Club of Greece – Vice President of the Federation of Greek Confectioners and Associate President of the Federation of Greek Chefs and Εexecutive pastry chef

Yours sincerely

For the Board of Directors
The Chairwoman
Stavroula Tsirikou


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