The University of Maryland in Peloponnese


The University of Maryland in Peloponnese
Study of gastronomic destinations based on the Greek-Mediterranean diet
After 2years of hard work the team of the Alternative Tourism : Grecopaths, the environmental intercultural organization of Hellenic Paths and the Gastronomical guide of Grecofood , managed to convince with their original agro touristic-gastronomical programs the department of Food Science and Nutrition of the University of Maryland to visit Peloponnese.
The group of 12 students & 2 teachers met not only the beautiful nature of Peloponnese and its monuments but they visited the small producers as well who produce products of high nutritional value. So the students they had the chance to experience all those information that they learned theoretically such as  : Methods of production, cultivation, raw materials, product tasting directly from the producer’s field on their plate.
Their detailed 15 days program included:
In Athens and its surroundings the group had food tasting of the Greek eclectic traditional products-dishes in a selected restaurants and delicatessen shops.
Furthermore scientific speeches were held in cooperation with the Kapodstrian University and the Hellenic Health foundation.
In addition they visited a thematic park of herbs focusing on healing herbs and herbs of the Holy Bible with a guided scientific tour of an agriculturalist organic farmer & they tasted tea of herbs and cool fruits with amazing creations-food style on the spot by Chef Kokkalas Panos
Continue on with a base the city of Nafplio, were held one day excursions in the following places:
Corinth, Epidaurus, Argos, Tolo, Mycenae, Maladreni, Nemea, Arachneo, Sparta, Kalamata, islands of Ydra& Spetses
The students of the department of Food science and Nutrition learned and tasted the following Greek products:

Olive oil, olives, wine, feta cheese, gruyere, handmade pasta, salmon, brown trout, sturgeon, tomatoes, cucumbers, honey, vineyard and more.

The olive oil museum of Sparta it was the hot spot of the olive oil tour and the founding group of Piraeus bank they offered a deep knowledgeable guided tour to their museum.
Walking tours, theatrical games, dance, herbs, Greek diet-cuisine they became one with history, culture and folklore
The bishop of Argolis prefecture, honorable Nektarios bind the visit of the students giving them their certifications for this experiential program specialized in the Greek- Mediterranean diet. Finally offered his English written book to all of them.
Special thanks to all our partners who helped for this program.
Specifically :Gerodisdis Giannis, Rozis Georgios,Anastasios Mallios, Mavroidis Giannis, Gianna Balafouti,Athanasopoulos Anastasios, Loulousis Dimitrios,Ioulia Xirogianni,Theodora Kalogerakou,Katerina Kalaintzi,Xristos Madas,Thanos Vaiopoulos-Herbaland Garden Mole, Bakery Topouzoglou, restaurants: En Chatip, souvlomagies
The Board of Directors
of the ‘Hellenic Paths’-Ellinika Monopatia-


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